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Catch Up With Clayton: Letting Go Affirmation And A Week of Rest

April 14, 2022 Clayton Cuteri
Traveling To Consciousness
Catch Up With Clayton: Letting Go Affirmation And A Week of Rest
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4/6/22 - 4/13/22

What is up conscious monkeys!

Here is your affirmation: "Show me how I can be okay without [my desire]"

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What is up, Conscious monkeys? welcome to another Perc to catch up with Clin. I'm your host, Clayton, and today is April thirteenth. Oh, we're already half way through Apil, guys, pretty crazy and man, this past week it was just a lot of travel and honestly pretty exhausted. We wrapped up Cairo. We chiled in there for a couple of days. It was pretty cool Just to relax. We saw we went on the cairatut, We went up to the Kyer Tower with my dad. We also got to see the Coptic museum, which is pretty tight and overall just it was really a big relaxation. I. We then traveled back from Cairo to Pittsburgh, and to get there we stopped in London. I had some dope fish and chips, which was amazing. Then we went to from London, we flew to Dallas, and then from Dallas, we went to Pittsburgh. So it was a total of twenty four hours clock time in the air crossing over eight different time. ▁zones, and I probably got. I don't know four hours of sleep because it was like sunlight for nineteen of those twenty four hours. That that was pretty crazy in its own rights, And yeah, I was all jumbled up the last two days, and even yesterday I had in uh a recorded episode thirty one, and that, in its own right, I was like kind of hesitant to even do, because I wasn't really in the mindset for it. I was having this headache. I wasn't fully there, I thought, but then we sit down and press record, and we have the longest episode to date, three hours in ten minutes, so get ready for it. It's an absolute gem, absolute gem. We tie in everything from Egypt to manifestation to the ▁lyon King and man, it's a lot. You guys are going to enjoy it. I'm really excited to release this one. A huge thing that comes up in this episode and I think one of the best nuggets is revolving around the idea of letting go. So letting go is the portion of my being that I think is the catalyst that will set everything in motion where I think I am a little bit too much attached to the idea of either a significant other or if money. So if I can just let go a little bit, I feel like it's all going to fall into Pl place. And so I asked my guess her named Sam. I said Sam. So what is something that you kind of say or an affirmation You do to and Aw in it em boody to and body to embody this feeling of letting go. And what she gave me was is say you have a desire, Say your desires, money, or significant other. Let's it's a significant other. The key aspect, and this is, through so many teachings is to raise your vibrational state with regards to that image, and then let go. So the hardest part about that, in my opinion, is the actual letting go aspect. So the affirmation that she gave up me and I'm giving you guys is show me how I can be okay without my desire. Let's say it's significant other you meditate on. Show me how I can be okay without this significant other. Show me how I can be okay without a million dollars and I did that last night I meditated on it, and this morning I meditated on it and I have felt incredible. I did have a little bit of a spike, or literally. Just before I wrote this of needing to let go. Um, not going to go to in depth about it, but just I had that spike and I was like Whoa. Just help me show me to be okay. Help show me how I can be okay without this desire and I am just I was ecstatic This morning. I was in so much happiness and blils, and it was really quite beautiful and it really was so I really don't have much for you guys today. I know you guys have been getting some twenty minute episodes and 'cause his life has been sweet, but now we're in that rest, the pendulums to come back and slow down a little. So, although this is only going to be a short episode, I, because are yeah, just enjoying the process. Other than that, I want to plug my digital course. Go check it out. Link in the bio. There should be a link down below as well, Um, in my link tree. check it out. You get free thirty day money back. Guarantee you like what? Don't you have to lose? You can watch it thirty times. It's designed to watch them one day, but you should watch it a little bit more. so you go check it out. Please click it. Download it if you don't like an thirty days money back. No gar, no thirty thirty day money back Guarantee. no questions asked. I am curious if you do return it because I swear you will learn stuff. but regardless, go do it. Go download it. Speaking of downloads, I need to download some rest, So conscious monkeys, I appreciate you being here. Get ready for an amazing episode next week and I appreciate guys. I love you guys and let's keep growing together.