Traveling To Consciousness

#030: I Have Been Free For 42 Weeks with Clayton Cuteri

April 11, 2022 Clayton Cuteri
Traveling To Consciousness
#030: I Have Been Free For 42 Weeks with Clayton Cuteri
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What is up Conscious Monkeys! Stick around until the end for a surprise at the end!

In this episode, I do an overview of the last 42 weeks! 9 months! of my life!

I talk about how I have lost track of days and it all seems like an incredible journey.

Its almost like a recap of all my Catch Up with Clayton Episodes.

I hope you enjoy the life lessons along the way.

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what is up conscious monkeys welcome to another episode of traveling to consciousness my name is clay kerry and we have a super special episode for you to day this week this week we're gonna talk it's gonna kind of be like a meta episode in my last conversation with danny and episode twenty nine we went over how thirty is a number that represents the end of a cycle the end of a period you can look at at the moon you can look at actual periods but it is a symbol symbolic the symbolic representation at the end of a cycle so i thought it was no better of an opportunity than to talk to you guys now what in the world would i talk about well after much contemplation i decided that what we're going to talk about is the last twenty five million one hundred thousand seconds of my life for those of you that don't know that would be the last six thousand nine hundred and eighty six hours if you want a smaller let me shrink it down for you if you want a smaller size it is the last two hundred and ninety two days or the last forty two weeks or the last nine months of my life now it's so insane to even just sit here and think about the last nine months of my life first of all why the last nine months why are those so beneficial so would have actually been forty four weeks ago whenever i decided to quit my job which means forty two weeks ago was actually the last day of my job my last day at the nine to five i'm never going back it's not happening again i've made that decision it's not possible and why this is so crazy for me to think about to even wrap my head around is that the last forty two weeks of my life have been beyond fulfilling they have been the most energizing the most charged the most enlightening the most beautiful sometimes difficult moments of my entire life and i would have it no other way so in this episode we're gonna kind of just have like uh it's almost gonna be like a catch up with clayton but it's going to be expanded across forty two weeks nine months and yeah i'm just kind of kind of rift i'm just gonna kind of go over life lessons that i've learned i'm gonna go over you know if you're clicking it's because i'm moving between different tabs on my thing i have like a dashboard i have like my podcast numbers i've got the list of episodes and i don't know this could be a short episode this could be a long episode we'll see what happens but i'm just gonna rift and we'll see where we end up so after doing all this personal work the center work over the last three four years of my life jeez i still can't believe it's nine months after doing all this personal work and figuring out the process in order to fulfill let's say my sole contract to fill my life purpose i hacked the code i figured it out i figured out the steps to take to get me to where i am today to where i have not worked at a job for the last nine months of my life and it's so crazy too because i i still feel all of these kind of like little logical things like you could easily be like well this happened or will that happen or this and that or that and this and it's just now i'm at the nine months mark which is crazy to me i didn't think i i had had no idea that i'd be at nine months into this and be where i'm at today which is actually sitting in luxor egypt traveling the world know i but let's i'm jumping ahead of the story right so first of all a lot of the things that you if you if this is something you're interested in in learning how to unlock yourself in this way go check out my digital course i'm also going to start offering like a premium service package for people so that's something you're going to have to apply to because there's a very specific person that i want to make sure that i'm not wasting my time and i'm not wasting your time and that you're gonna going to get the most value out of it and guys listen these are investments in yourself because if if you're not energized in what you're doing maybe you are or maybe you are and don't know that it's your thing then these these di the digital course and my personal premium package to help you unlock your true self these are what's going to take your life to the next level i kid you not but i don't want to juic that too much i wanna talk about the last nine months the last nine months of my life so what happened uh i came to this car this realization it would have been june fourth i believe is it june fourth let me look i'm looking at my uh schedule here yeah it would have been june fourth on june fourth i came to this realization that i needed to quit my job it was something that i'd been struggling with for probably over a year i was constantly thinking about it constantly telling myself that i should quit that you know it's is not fulfilling me it was a drain it literally felt like the that my job was a leach on my soul and it was just sucking every little last ounce of energy that i had to give out of my body and putting it into my job you know a whole lot of things went into even just getting to that point and i realized i just had to trust the universe there was a level of faith that everything would work out that i didn't know how it was gonna happen that i still kind of don't know how it's gonna happen but you know it's just it's taking that dive into the unknown you have to just jump in i kind of wanted to dip my toe into it but at a certain point it would just jump it just said jump and i'll catch you and it sounds a little bit i'm living proof man i'm living proof that it's a real thing so two weeks after that job was officially done june eighteenth last day of technical work finished and it was kind of cool because like in that last like kind of two weeks there quasi two weeks there was like little there was there's some self doubt i was still going through some self doubt where was like are you sure you want to do this are you sure blah blah blah but then the the reasons for me quitting kept appearing within those last two weeks and i was like alright i know i'm on the right path and so i quit i had no plan whatsoever ever this this podcast was never an idea this journey i'm on now was never an idea i just knew that i wanted to be able to live and be wherever i wanted to be whenever i wanted to be there and at like i said i'm in lux right now so it's all working out manifestation is real and will give you the the code for the digital course but or in the digital course i digress i so june eighteenth last day of work i then had no idea what to do i was in san diego but i was just loving life i didn't really know what direction to take things i didn't know what i was gonna do and you know i was just enjoying life i didn't know if i was gonna move in with someone else into a cheaper location maybe i'd stay in san diego i just didn't know i really love san diego it was absolute a beautiful city and it was incredible but the next inspiration that came over me was that i wanted to travel right like this was the whole point i had the freedom to travel now i had saved up money so i had some money in the bank which is certainly important when you want to do something like this and i was just ready to take the dive in so i don't really know when i would have realized it i'm gonna kind of try to breathe through this for a little bit and figure it out but um i was hosting like public meditations which was super cool i was doing some public meditations that was also just helping people out i would just go and sit in very crowded areas and i would just meditate for an hour and it was funny because like after forty five minutes every single time i would after forty five minutes every single time i lost my train i thought oh i would get like this feeling of nobody's coming nobody's signing up because i have like a little clipboard in front of me and say hey if you want more information and i had another sign that said come join me and so after about forty five minutes nobody was joining nothing was happening i was like losing some doubt but in those last fifteen minutes i was like nah you said you do it for an hour commit to the hour in the last fifteen minutes was whenever all the magic happened it was whenever people would either sit down or write on the notepad or write their name on the notepad or all these incredible things and i and i actually helped a couple people i don't want to go into too many personal details but just help people process the things that they were going through in life and i just find that to be the point of all this the point of what all of this is happening and i found so much just power in it i'm sure there was a second actually where i remember this now i was actually thinking about selling bacon grease because i just missed making a shit ton of bacon and i didn't want to charge people from meditating with me like i feel like that's something we should all just do and encourage people to do but then i was like all right i need to start making money somehow like i should start probably trying to figure that out so i just excess bacon grease and i was like well maybe i could just sell that to people who came to the meditation i felt like it kind of clashed a little with the the meditating and you know usually it tends to be probably vegans but maybe that's just a limiting belief that i have but regardless i did not end up selling pac and grease to people who came to the meditating which is interesting because there were sometimes where people were like who do you have to like buy something or you trying to sell me something and to me it's just like na man i'm just meditating and encouraging other people to do it which was super empowering and you know something i really kind of want to go back and i guess arguably want to do more of let's see here moving along let's see here we're in july i was kind of doing at this point and it's somewhere maybe towards the end of july i realized that my lease was coming up around the place that i was living which was at the end of august or it was probably before that i think i was trying to move out at the end of june but then i realized like my lease was gonna end at the end of july believe or end of august it was gonna end at the end of august and what i said to myself was is like to my roommate i was like hey man like you know i can't keep affording living where i'm at i don't have an income anymore so you know i'm gonna have to bounce like i got to find something else either cheaper in san diego figure out the next move and he was like alright like i understand and so we ended up i think extending our current release from july to august and it was like alright i'll show for august and figure it out somewhere in july i gotta figure out where it ism not sure when it happened somewhe in july i realized that i should go travel to the east coast cause this is what i want to do when am i gonna have a chance to do it again uh so i planned out a trip where i'd fly into raleigh where our family was going meet brother sister mom dad my sister lives in raleigh we would all meet up there and we would travel or well we'd meet up there have a whole family shindig then i would go with my parents up back up to pittsburgh so we would stop in like outer banks wow i forgot about that we stopped in outer banks and we then moved our way from outer banks up into where did we go after outer banks we checked a bunch of different areas in that area a bunch of different areas in that area and so we were enjoying our time there we kind of moved back up to pittsburgh and so i was like alright i'm gonna spend two weeks in pittsburgh was it two weeks in pittsburgh let me see if i can check out um uh that would have been the thirty first papa baba pick up car from ha when did this happen okay so i have a flight to raleigh on august nineteenth on august twentieth oh two two maybe it's august twentieth that i yeah august twentieth flew to raleigh y i'm trying to look at my things so i think about a week or two i was in pittsburgh and it was right around here where i had the idea for the podcast i was like i'm doing the podcast which is crazy because i already plan for the next month to be in atlanta to be in orlando and i could haven that there was another location but i was at least atlanta and orlando oh and then i think brazil was also on the map when did i decide to do this trip i don't know not important i i think there's something wrong with my timeline of memory but i guess that's how memory works but regardless i was then in pittsburgh for i think a week and a half and then i flew down to atlanta because my friend in orland did i go to orlando than atlanta oh i went to orlando and spent like a week or two weeks in orlando it was a week i think a week in orlando with friends we went to universal so great catching up with you know my college friends then flew to atlanta and stayed with a buddy who i was on a team with for halo five when we did gaming and that's a whole story on its own but super du cool super dope kid we then hung out for a bit and i flew back to raleigh to hang out with my sister and it's so crazy because in this portion of time i believe i had recorded quite a few episodes of the podcast i recorded i know episode zero zero in pittsburgh i believe zero one in pittsburgh zero two i'm not sure i'm not sure where that was i i'd have to look i'd have to look on the youtube videos zero three i believe was in pittsburgh oh yeah zero four was also in pittsburgh and then zero five was whenever i was in orlando uh we're moving along zero zero six oh zero zero six wasn't until i was actually in brazil i think yeah that was the first one i actually filmed in brazil so we're getting ahead of the story right but i'm in atlanta met up with my buddy then i flew from atlanta to raleigh back with my sister i thought it would be cool to just hang out with her for a weekend spend some time one on one with her which was super dope excuse me and yeah we just hung out we had a good time in raleigh oh excuse me i'm sorry for all these birds but i guess it's the consequence is this a consequence of just talking a lot and being unedited so yeah so zero zero six was whenever i actually got to brazil so when would that have been so right so then i'm in raleigh i'm like shit it's time to go to brazil and i'm gonna see if i can find the date for it ah so it had been the end of september i flew down to brazil which was incredible absolutely incre incredible um i went to brazil and i realized after like a first couple days there that it was the first time that i lived on my own a hundred percent the first time i was in a because in in when i grew up i had uh my brother me my brother and i shared a room or at least i was living with my parents went to college i shared a room with a roommate i went to after college i was also at an apartment which i had friends who i knew then after that i went to san diego where i had a roommate who i met when i was there so the first time that i ever actually truly lived in a place by myself was when i was in brazil which which is crazy i guess that's crazy to think about i would've been twenty seven twenty six twenty seven twenty seven years old first time living by myself alone and man you definitely learn a lot about yourself when you do something like that but you know i thought it was beautiful it was a great thing to do i found myself in it via adalina no that's in san paulo so i was in porto alleg and i forget the name of the city hm there was a nice area and just super cool people man like i i remember going to jujitsu and i started training in brazil which anxiety kind of comes up again but at a certain point it's just like dude you got to go do it right like you just gotta go i was training in porto alleg brazil uh so if we're looking at a timeline with you know the recording podcast it would have been zero zero six um probably through zero ten zero eleven zero twelve where was thirteen oh i was back in okay so so i was in brazil for two months right training you did to recording all these podcasts it would have at least been through zero twelve right zero eleven i believe was in i was so whenever zero eleven released i wasn't in brazil but i was um that was whenever ha wait where did i wait hannah stone was interviewed well i think it's awful a little bit maybe zero ten was not in brazil that actually might have been this is november where did i spend the first week in november where was i in november is this great guys i can't i can't remember whenever i was in november because i'm pretty sure i was in brazil september and october maybe it was like for november as well oh yeah because i would have been there in november as well oh it was the end of september through october through november okay i'm on par part now i got it so through november i was still in brazil um so that would have also included episode zero eleven and zero twelve then activation call yeah so then i went back to san diego i got a flight i i really wanted to go back to san diego i was itching uh there's a girl that i was still kind of seeing at the time and this if you listen to my last catch up with clayton this comes back into the whole letting go process like i knew i needed to like over but i just couldn't do it and based on my last cast go listen to it if you haven't or my last catch up with clinton because that highlights that you know you got to learn the lesson at some point and so you know unfortunately i didn't learn it with the girl so the universe was like alright let's see if you can learn it with this necklace but go check out that i don't want to dive into that story it's a good one um so moving along after brazil i then went back to san diego for a week and a half i believe stayed with james phillips so go check him out he's been on the podcast twice and definitely will be on it again i hung out with him we bounced collaborated all these different ideas for creating content for creating all this different stuff and it was just a great time spending it with him so we did all that let me see here when did i leave i thought did purple enjoy my my sounds my what are they called enjoy my star wars sounds while i figure out where the next stage of existence came in yeah but i honestly don't remember um let's see cause at some point then okay there's a flight bo brown bumper pur brown brown burrow oh at this point i started actually talking about rebranding so it was probably around yeah so zero fourteen sorry let me get back to the zero fourteen was also in san diego oh right and then i went from san diego and i went up to stay with my aunt and uncle in tustin and decided to stay with them hang out with them for like a week or two um at which point i recorded zero one five so zero one four was in san diego that was an in person interview with james zero one five was then back in tustan where i was there for like a week and a half um i was supposed to do a juju competition but i injured my knee in the last week of uh in the last week of porto leg which sucks but everything happens for a reason right so that happened then moving along i recorded zero one five in taston and then and then i went up to stay with my brother in what's the place called hermosa beach which was super dope i spent a couple days up there with him and that's where i recorded zero one six then after that i found myself flying where did i fly flew somewhere my feet were off the ground for a bit um two teacher two wow losing my trying of thought here stick with me guys this is a lot this is actually pretty taxing on the brain uh i don't know why but it just is i guess maybe it's something you just got to practice more and the more you do it the better you get oh we flew then to wyoming my brother and i flew to wyoming to spend time with my dad and my mom my my sister we went skiing at jackson hole which is an absolutely beautiful location wyoming in general was absolutely beautiful snowing like crazy i for some reason don't think it was too busy i'm not sure why all that happened but is what it is go check the catch up with clayton in this time zone episode seventeen we bring tarra back on for a second time incredible person to talk to in fact she's she's super cool i'm gonna try and see when we recorded i'm not sure when we recorded that um but it would had to have been maybe recorded that would i be in pittsburgh when i was recorded oh i was okay so what happened was along the ways i was supposed to go from wyoming and this comes back to the whole letting go and i actually mastered it in this situation here but i was supposed to go actually back to brazil i had this whole plant set up uh to go back for two months and i was going to stay with i was gonna hang out with like some friends and meet up with like this group of girls and we were gonna celebrate new years and it was actually gonna be a pretty dope setup but the universe had other plans and those plans included me not going back to brazil released their they updated their restrictions for covid and the day before i was supposed to fly you had to be vaccinated for every fourteen days and well you know i'm not vaccinated i had the covid i i'll i you know we're not gonna dive into all that and make what you will of that but i had it before i wasn't going to dive back into it but just putting it out there that for me i wasn't ready i'm not ready i don't believe that i ever really need the job because i had it whatever i don't want to make this all about covid but you know as the way the world works so i was like okay well what do i do now the only thing i knew to do was to go back to pittsburgh with my parents i didn't really have anywhere else calling to me you know so that's something i've been trying to listen to my intuition where should i go my parents were just like all right we'll reroute you to pittsburgh i was like okay let's do it it made sense to me too because it would have been nice and stable to kind of get the podcast moving even a little bit more you know get this stuff more out there so i was like alright let's go back to pittsburgh when we get back to pittsburgh on new year's it would probably been the day after new year's i sat down with tiara so now we're getting into episode seventeen episode eighteen episode nineteen from there on out i interviewed all these people in pittsburgh after episode seventeen all of these interviews were based out of pittsburgh um that was pretty much where i just i settled in for a while i just basically said okay i'm gonna you know listen to what all these people have to say set up some consistency in my life and really kind of give back the idea of the story of abraham in the bible how you kind of have to leave your home you come back and you find all these things highly recommend it because it's now i'm bringing back all the knowledge i have to my friends in pittsburgh and i feel it's just like a big sharing situation also super important and crazy is now that i'm on all this like you know kind of like you know healing trauma and seeing how like my history has affect me to my current day i'm seeing the parallels in my own parents as well i'm like holy shit like i got this i have a fear of money because of this or because of you or you know you're exhibiting qualities of not letting go and this is something that i do and it's been so therapeutic for me to even just see it in my parents the next level is that i've been helping them heal it within themselves which i think is a beautiful thing in itself so if you're listening to this like i know it's a societal norm or standard where people don't go back and talk like live with their parents cause it's like i i believe or maybe this is a programming that i have is that there's a level of failure associated with it that we believe we failed if we have to go back and live with our parents but i mean i'm viewing it as a sign of strength like the fact that i'm able to go against societal norms and be completely okay with living with my parents because it's helping me get me to the next level by all means i'm gonna do it like who cares like i and nobody has even brought that up to me maybe it's one of those things you just don't talk about but no one's even brought up the idea of oh like you know going you're going back with your parents so like you know there's judgment there but maybe it's just like a societal thing that i just came from a subconscious level one sack need some water but as we move along in our conversation yeah i've just connected with such cool people been growing the brand been growing the podcast talking to manifestation coaches so many cool just you know talking about the journey of our soul talking about like man such powerful conversations that i've had on this podcast it's it's pretty crazy um yeah so i really don't know what else to make of it uh who it was just incredible there is a little bit of a stagnant growth pattern going on i i' looking at my stats in between i don't know why i'm just making this jump i don't really have much more to add i mean obviously i guess the trip to egypt right i guess i could add that on there i guess you could talk about that if you wanted to but that's incredible in itself like i i mean you if you've been following along you've been listening to all the catch up with clayton's they've been pretty powerful stuff man it's it's really crazy that the information that's coming in the healing and work that i've been exposed to and i just i'm ready man i could tell like life's about to take off um i don't know i just i don't know how which is the crazy thing like forget about the how like we don't know how things happen why they happen i just know that the how is is something just leave that out to the universe know what you want know that you know you have a guiding light that you're aiming for and let the universe tell you how don't try to get overworked about that after egypt' heading back home to pittsburgh and i don't really know i don't really know what we're going to do after that i just got to listen to the universe the universe is what told me to come to egypt and i've learned so much about myself the whole letting go i got some inspiration there was like a forty thousand dollars statue that i got exposed to which i actually didn't bring that up forgot to bring that up in the catchup with clay so maybe that's something to bring up here there was like a forty thousand dollar statue that just resonated with me like when you see something when you see artwork when you see a statue and it resonates with you it speaks to your soul at a level and everything about the statue spoke to me at an intrinsic level so what i'll tell you is is that let me thank you and and it really inspired me because it created this urge to want or to desire it to figure out how can i obtain this thing and what it did was is it actually pushed me to now want to promote my digital course more because really in the last you know i created this thing four months ago and nobody's bought it and i'm thinking to myself why is nobody bought it and it's like well you haven't really told anyone about it like i don't really broadcast it anywhere but this is where i need to broadcast it and guys go check this thing out i i alluded to it at the beginning but listen this digital course it works now it's only about two hours of material but these are the most important two hours that you will ever see in your entire life i've read so many books and there's these little nuggets in every single book that makes it a great book that resonates with people and they have their own way of getting there i've essentially gone through the fifty books that i've read probably more i have a whole book list if you want to see it but i've gone through those and taking out these pieces and realize the things that are repeating the things that actually are important and matter and i'm telling you man like just get the digital course i give you like a sixty day free trial honestly i'm thinking i'm going to have to reduce that at some point but right now it's sixty days if you tell me you learn nothing if your life doesn't change by implementing these things for sixty days first of all i'll be shocked because i i need to know that because these are the things that have absolutely just peeled propelled propelled my life to the next level where i am now just nine months which is forty two weeks forty four weeks are arguably two hundred ninety two days six thousand almost seven thousand hours and these last seven thousand hours i have been insane they have been the greatest seven thousand hours i think of my entire life which is crazy and i guess that's something that's interesting and they say it takes ten thousand hours to be graded at something and i've only been doing it for seven so maybe in these next three thousand hours that's whenever everything's going to unfold even a little bit more but we'll see it's a compound effect thing but go check it out the digital course highly recommended for everybody the premium package that i'm putting together it's going to be more expensive but is it for people that want to invest in themselves they want me as their coach they want me to take them on at an individual level and say hey here's how you can apply this module to you this is how you can play the second module to you in your specific situation because what happens is is you'll realize like you know if you're in a spot in life where you're thinking to yourself like i need more money or why are girls not attracted to me or why you know whatever your unique situation is you can very easily take the digital course and it will apply to your situation i promise you i absolutely promise you that it will apply to your situation and you'll say to yourself like okay well why is this thing happening or why is that thing happening the digital course will lay it out you'll see the patterns that are going through your life you'll be able to rewrite them and it's so incredible go to traveling to consciousness com and you'll see it you can check the link in the bio right now i'm going to figure out i'm going to put the links into these bios as well and so you will be able to see into this bio of this so you can click it and find the digital course i'm gonna put together an application form for that premium package the where you can actually work with me one on one and dude we're going to take taking you to the next level like i promise you like that's gonna happen but yeah again these are investments in yourself i i want i cannot stress that enough you're investing in yourself you can write this off as an investment and you're going to see this stuff unfold your life in such a beautiful and magical way that i i really can't stress it anymore the best you can do is just go and see it for yourself experience it for yourself um yeah with that being said wow wow w wow life is crazy but i think this is beautiful this was a nice thirty thirty three minutes for the last thirty three weeks what would we say it was forty two weeks i don't know it's crazy it's been nine months i've been telling people like six or seven months so you know it's just it feels like a lifetime it honestly feels like i've experienced a whole new life in the last nine months and i want to give that to you guys i if you're struggling if you see it i just you know i don't want to come across pushy but i just i want to help i want and this is it this is how this is how i am helping so with that being said don't want to sit here and stress this too much but i love you guys i appreciate you just for listening hopefully you've learned something just from even just this like forty two week wrap up but yeah thank you thank you for listening i love you guys more amazing interviews on the road we've got some dope people lined up so stay tuned for that and with that being said conscious monkeys let's grow together