Traveling To Consciousness

Catch Up With Clayton: How To Visit Petra and Cairo, My Opinion On Israelis, and Cairo Travel Tips

March 31, 2022 Clayton Cuteri
Traveling To Consciousness
Catch Up With Clayton: How To Visit Petra and Cairo, My Opinion On Israelis, and Cairo Travel Tips
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3/22/22 - 3/29/22

We have a LOADED podcast for you today! This may have been one of the most packed weeks in my life! Certainly since starting the podcast.

I tell you about my time in Petra and Cairo. I give you travel tips if you are visiting the two locations.

I tell you ANOTHER way that the media is lying to you.

We also discuss the pyramids and the craziness that they call "Cairo"!

Buckle up, this is a packed episode!!

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what is up conscious monkeys welcome to another episode of catch up with clayton i'm your host clayton and shit we have a lot of stuff to cover in this episode this was probably the most packed week the most awe inspiring week i think i've had in probably my entire life certainly since recording my life and recording this whole experience um but with that said like let's just jump right into it i'm and right now i'm recording looking at all three pyramids the setups a little interesting i'm like sitting on my bed and it's it's a little bit of a chaotic situation but i wouldn't have it any other way that's the excitement of traveling that's the excitement of the unknown not sure where i'm going to record but just knowing i'm gonna be recording it and shit if you hear some noise in the background it's because ky is a crazy city crazy people crazy music but we'll get it all into all that so let's start off by picking up where we left off where i was recording in a lot which is in the southern tip of israel so since that recording we what happened we went to a brazilian steak house why would you go to a brazilian steakhouse in israel i don't know but we asked our uber driver like hey man like you know what's a good place to eat in here and i knew we asked for authentic israeli food but he recommended a brazilian steakhouse so which was actually called casa fogo or casa casa fogo i i'm kind of blanking i didn't really write it down but that's what he recommended we went and honestly don't really recommend it you know if you're gonna get brazilian food go to brazil the steakhouse wasn't that great which you know maybe should have known regardless it took us a while to actually get our bill and this is why i include this in here is it took us a while to kind of get us get the bill and we were trying to figure out why like we're trying to like make eye contact with people they weren't giving it to us and so we're like sitting there kind of like alright like what's going on like you know someone you know we're trying to get out of here well this happened at another restaurant and another restaurant in israel and so on the third time around i was like alright i'm gonna ask the waiter like what's going on here and because he was super cool dude he had been to like california before he spoke great english and so he's like yeah man like it's considered rude in israel for people to give you the check or ask if you want the check like it's just super frowned upon and considered super rude and he even commented he's like yeah it's opposite of everything else in israeli culture and at first it struck me as odd but then i realized like israelis are kinda rude like i'll i'll be honest about it and i'm kind of hesitating a little because i do have you know jewish friends and people with israeli descent so you know take the grain of salt maybe i don't know who can change it but i'm just putting it out there that israelis our kind of root like we'll get into actually it's probably a great transition first of all it was actually pretty crazy like there is no personal space with people like i can't tell you the number of times that like someone stepped on me or there was even an instance in the airport where a lady had like one of those carts that you use where you'd put your luggage on it and this cart i don't know why but it had like little nails sticking out of it and i can't tell you how many times she hit me with it and my brother probably at least five times as we're waiting in line and just didn't apologize didn't say anything it was just like oh like that happens kind of thing and to me it was just like what the hell is going on here and there were so many times that people would like walk into you and bump you and the one time that sent me over the edge we were it was after we got so this was whenever we actually were leaving israel and is is technically later in the story but you know just to make my point we were wait we were sitting and waiting for my dad to kind of pack stuff into his thing and we were in the airport and you know we're sitting kind of like on the side like if there's a section of bench on the side of this huge kind of terminal this like area of like a walkway you know easily fifty feet you know clearance and my brother and i are kind of facing my dad facing the wall waiting for him to get ready someone bodies me like in the back and i like turn around and see like this two couple walking by they don't turn around they don't say anything and i look around and there's nobody else within a solid hundred foot radius to you just like i lost i started laughing i honestly couldn't stop laughing till we got on the plane like it was absolutely insane that there was literally no effort to go all the way and just decided to hit me i still can't stop laughing about that but there's more about that a little bit later in this i just wanted to bring that up and there's gonna be another instance of israelis being a little a little bit rude and an airport experience but we'll get to that we'll get to that but before that we went into petra and to get to petra there's a level of the way we went at least was crossing the all uh wati wai arab arab akbari ram acaba crossing i can't really remember because there's like four different names for it and we kind of went with a tour group so we met up with like five other people at this hotel and you know we're chatting with them and it's comprised of like you know a bunch of different travelers they're super cool people and one of the travelers was a a girl uh it was a girl from the uk super soft spoken super sweet like you know just this typical like no harm no foul kind of girl like you could just tell us she was like an angel of a soul and so we're crossing we're going through the crossing and we get through the israeli side and we're now on the jordanian side and they kind of put our stuff through a metal detector and you know pretty much the entire tour goes through and she's like the second to last my dad's the last person to put a stuff there and she kind of gets held up and we're all like kind of through the security checkpoint like looking back like what's going on and we're kind of sitting there and they're like hey like it's something in here and she's like oh yeah like you know i have like an order man and stuff and you know she was telling my dad like oh she's like at these ornaments and whatnot and so they excuse me pull out like her stuff and it was this thing like completely wrapped you know in plastic and like taped up and they're like we need to see what's in here and she's like oh it's just an ornament and they're like alr right well we need to see it and so they open it up and it's just this like probably ten inch like blade knife blade of just like this authentic you know ah i i don't know where she got it maybe israel but it was like this blade and they're just like what are you doing with this like you can't just bring this into another country they ended up like questioning her for probably five to ten minutes it was a whole ordeal but it was crazy she ended up being all right she just had to declare it write it down and you know kind of yeah we we ended up getting through all right she was a little bit you know sorry about it but you know at the end of the day it was just crazy it was kind of funny um yeah so we made it into jordan uh she made it into jordan we then kind of got on a bus to head towards petra which those who don't know petra is actually a town i personally thought that you know if you look up petra you usually get this image of what is called the treasury which is this huge engraving of of rock that was like kind of like the tomb of a person and i don't want to go into the whole thing but i'm just laying that out there that petro is actually an entire city and yeah so on the first day we um ended up going there met some dope people from spain so if you guys are listening shout out to you guys we saw the treasury which is like that original you know thing that you see i posted on my instagram about it so if you see a picture of me in petra that's the that's the first one on my instagram we then kind of like went through it saw the royal tombs and there's so much stuff there's just so many like in carvings and like just so such cool and unique stuff in that area and i i have it written here that the no one really even knew about petra until maybe like a hundred years ago definitely verify that but i think it's so crazy that all of this stuff was just kind of like lost to time you know around since like the roman empire era before that even and we completely forgot about it until about a hundred years ago which i find just absolutely fascinating of itself so you know throughout the first day of the tour we had a tour guy saying oh you got to check out like the monastery you got to check out the roman road and you know to us we were he was like you know it's a couple of miles that way blah blah blah so we were just like alright whatever you know we'll we'll we'll think about it and you know whatever because we with the tour group so you know you can only do so much and so we ended up sorry i'm getting distracted by the pyramids they're just so amazing so super cool so we ended up staying at night in the town of petra we then ended up going back to the i guess ancient city section of petra which is absolutely amazing guys like go go spend two days in petra you're gonna want to do it because on the second day we went to the monastery section and the way it's kind of imagine it kind of like laid out as like a square where you kind of like there's one entrance that you go in you kind of like walk down between these canyons you get to the treasury and then you get to the royal tombs and then you keep walking you would go past essentially like this roman road and then it would take you on this hike to the monastery well the second day we go we tell our taxi driver like yeah we're trying to go to the monastery wear petro day one and he's like oh well you got to go in like this back entrance like this is the way to do it and me and my brother are just like alright like you know when in rome let's fuck do it we he drop us off at the back and there's just a shack like imagine just you're in the desert there's mountains on either side of you and there's just a shack with two jordanians wrapped up in you know like it you know i guess i would call it like muslim attire and it's just me and my brother getting dropped off by this cab and he's like alright i'll try to like get you guys all the way to the stairs if i can and he couldn't so me and my brother get out and he's just like alright you're just gonna walk straight but like stay to the left now imagine you're in a desert and you see a little bit of a road and you just like just walk straight it stay to the left i was just like alright man we'll try to figure it out so we kind of just walked for maybe half a mile and then like we're kind of staying to the left but we're not really sure if we're in the spot the road starts like kind of diverging into multiple directions and you know luckily enough we saw a sign that said monastery we start walking that way we then see like this little like i guess a a hut made up of towels and you know it says like coffee but there's like there's like i didn't even realize this t now there's like skull heads sitting beside it and in front of it and all this stuff and i was just like jared i don't know if we want to do this man like this is pretty crazy we were like like let's go say hi to them i'd love a coffee and and the and so we have some of their coffee and it's really cool because in the middle east they actually don't really brew the coffee the same way we do they kind of just throw in hot they throw in the the grinds and then just throw in the hot water so it kind of is like steep and the coffee as it's you know being poured and you know you get grounds on top of your coffee but you can kind of mix it and it'll be alright but it's just a super fascinating way that they do it and then there's also like this spice i forget the name of it but they that they put in with it and it's it's very fascinating of a spice and you know when we were actually in jerusalem the guy was like yeah you you have to have it in here like we don't make the coffee any other way like if you don't want it then you're just not getting coffee uh so that was wild in itself we actually walked this back trail to the monastery which was absolutely incredible i and again i'm gonna have to figure out a way to put my put my photos into like a slide and maybe i'll do a bonus episode where i just kind of like run through the slides and say like okay like on this photo this happened on this photo that happened let me know if you guys want that because i think that'd actually be super doped maybe i'll just do that it for my own sake it'll kind of be like a walk through our adventures and just kind of go through every picture which you know let me if you guys are interested in that i'll definitely hook that up let's see here so we made it to the monastery which so cool if you're a hiker like take that back route like there's so many stairs it was probably i think we checked it out it was probably like fifty flights of stairs we ended up walking or something but it it is fucking worth it like if you hike at all if you want to see cool you know landscape and lay out just go and do it go the back route and go and see the monastery and the way that we actually came up on the monastery was is you know there's this huge kind of like open area like we were following the trail for a long time and we get to it and like the trail kind of diverges again into these different paths and we're like shit man like i don't know where to go there were some like kind of houses up on the left or on the right but then on the left there were like these little enclaves and we're like all right well we're here so let's go check out these enclaves like little caves essentially and you know some of them were like guarded off so that you wouldn't fall down into a hundred foot deep hole and so we're kind of like looking and we're like just like alright like we don't really know where to go and like alright well maybe we head up by those tents in those houses and see what's up there to see coz maybe there'll be something you know and as we start walking up my brother goes oh shit and he's behind me i'm like what and i kind of turn around off to my left side and as i'm turning i can see like the edge of the monastery and i'm like shit like this thing is huge and i like put my head back down i'm like no i don't want to see it like this for the first time so i kind of like turned my head back down to the sand and i just kind of start running up the hill i start running you know technically away from it up the hill and so once i get to the top of the hill i kind of like turn around and look and it was absolutely insane it was probably two and a half times the size of the treasury absolutely beautiful i have no idea how they did it i just was in awe aw struck for sure i'll i put it on all my story but i know i'm going to throw up uh some more pictures regarding that in the future but shit dude i was just overwhelmed with it it was amazing i need a second here just to appreciate it all so then after that we ended up pack going back down met up with my dad left left petra jordanian he also here's the thing jordanian barbecue is on point triband barbecue if you have a chance absolutely phenomenal i think it rivals brazilian barbecue i'm not exactly sure who i put at the top of the list but of all the countries i've been to jordanian and brazilian barbecue are at the top sorry america sori israel sorry egypt but those two are at the top i've got to try more jordanian and barbecue in the future because it could be brazil sorry brazilians i know there's a couple of you out there but sorry i gotta say it um also also a huge thing i want i want to touch on here is that the media kind of lies to us well surprise surprise i think we all already knew that but especially in the idea of being afraid to go to the middle east because you know i've now been to jordan in egypt which are probably two of the safest you know middle eastern countries but i want to highlight that like go just go go to these places like your americans and tourists in general are pretty much protected citizens here like i don't think i think it's pretty you know property theft and property damage is pretty like bad in you know muslim culture and so then you add on top of that the fact that you're a tourist and they you know want to promote tourism like you're going to be safe like you're you're safer than the people that actually live there so just go like go stimulate these economies go check it out because these places are absolutely insane breathtaking inspiring to think like that we can't even replicate like the treasury for instance like we can't even replicate it today like they're still trying to figure it out and still can't recreate it which they know how they did it allegedly and say they go for the pyramids like we think we know how they how they did it but they just we just can't so go just absolutely go don't even consider it if you have any fear of it you know i hate to say but you've been lied to just go and yeah so yeah oh but then when we're leaving israel that brings me to the next like trip of like just the way like israeli airports are set up it just feels so archaic and i actually even post on my story that when we were leaving telev i had probably the most barbaric experience in an airport in israel which kind of blew my mind cause like i i feel like israel's like you know essentially first world country they should have their ship figured out but it was absolute chaos trying to get our tickets like they didn't open up until in a three hours before the flight took off there was also confusion about our flight because there was a time switch and the plane was actually leaving an hour after what it was on the ticket excuse me so there was a whole bunch of confusion in just the airport there people were like pushing people all the way you know your their people were like cutting my dad has bad knees and is trying to like walk and we're like dude like you're cutting us like you please just let our dad go he's got bad knees like we need to get out of here and they're like oh well like we have bad knees too and then they sit there start moving their knees like that they actually have patties i just like dude this is so crazy and like i i i don't know i mean i just again it goes back to everything in israeli culture i saw is that the people are pretty rude i i hate to say it but like man i you know that's the one thing to be ready for that i was not ready for but let's not be negative let's move along cairo we showed up in cairo and oh dude these pyramids insane man like i don't know what it is but just emotionally speaking i've teared up like a couple of times it's like it's like that feeling of like you're about to kind of like almost throw up but it just like pre just came out in like some tearing up fashion i don't know what to say like you know i even walking into the the king's chamber which is like in the middle of the is in the middle of the pyramid like i i was tearing up man i'll be real like it was just overwhelming with energy and i guess the question becomes you know is that just me putting emotional energy in these places or is there actually some cosmic significance to this location on earth with the amount of you know this rock that is in this specific location and quite frankly i would err on the side that it's a little bit of both you know i just fuck like i' looking at them right now and i just yeah when i went to the king's tomb i chilled inside there for a bit meditated and quite frankly i think i'm going to go again later today like it was just uh it was so so incredible i want to go and just sit in there and meditate for you know maybe twenty minutes or so and just absorb all the energy that it has to offer i just want to go back already i'm been staring at it but just being inside the great pyramid and thinking to yourself i'm inside the great pyramid she's such a such a trippy and just inspiring fang and quite frankly getting into the king's chamber is crazy in its own rights but i'll leave that to you let you experience that for yourself but let's zoom back out cairo traveling in cairo the absolute most crazy bonkers thing in the entire world is when you want to cross the street and the traffic it is wild like you essentially need to just keep walking and just trust that you don't make it because like if it's a five lane highway you just gotta almost play frogger and take it one lane at a time and people will acknowledge the fact that you're now crossing and kind of slow down accordingly to let you go and i don't understand how people pull it off like even the dogs even the dogs are able to cross like these five way busy highway and and maybe they're never perfect but like i you know they're all fucking savages about it like you'll see them just like looking like across the street for a while and then like even play the frogger on their own rights it it's so wild and i even saw like an eight or ten year old girl like you know imagine imagine like you're traveling you're on like the highway of some sort and you just see an eight to ten year old girl with like an ice cream cone just kind of like looking and just like very casually crossing the road and it's like it's just wild like it's absolutely wild the way that they drive the way that excuse me the way that they drive the way that they like are able to have this continuous flow like at one point we were like on the right side of the highway and need to cross over the left side to get to the other place and it's just it's so fluid like you just kind of go and you like kind of just like wiggle your way through the opening as it's there and we really haven't seen any traffic or any accidents for that matter but the traffic never stops either which is crazy like they have this unique ability if you just keep going to just go and the other thing that's crazy is like i was saying earlier like it would be like four or five lanes wide but there was no like lines on the road like it was just go wherever you're able to find room and you'll make it happen it's a wild thing to experience i try taking some videos but it doesn't even capture the real essence of it all uh yeah and so many horns i also have that written here like the horn is it ask me the most replaced part on a car like you could probably come to cairn shop and make a killing here because it's just everything it's just everything like uh hey i'm here hey i'm here like a d d d d and then they were even like playing songs at a certain at a certain point it's it's just like another form of communication like the horn is they it they utilize it as a tool of communication it is crazy in its own rights and the other thing is like seventy five percent of the cars that we've been in they don't use their seat belts which i found this absolutely crazy too is that there there's they have the seat belts there but at certain points there are just either there is no actual metal piece of the seat belt to click in or they like try to like hide the seat belt in the back or the clasp where you plug it into is like stuff below the seat and they'd even like say basically not to use it i don't know if there's some rule or law against like uber not being allowed to have seat belts in the back seat i don't know what's going on there but just they don't really use seat belts which i don't even know there's even one instance where our driver didn't use his seat belt and the entire time you would hear the seat belt like be b you'd hear that thing going off for like the entire car ride and it's just like oh gosh crazy stuff guys crazy stuff yeah so also yesterday if you didn't know march twenty eighth it's my birthday so happy birthday to me turn twenty eight on the twenty eighth so golden birthday year kicked it off by looking at the pyramids yeah so it everything's good in life man like i'm just this year is gonna be wild and i'm so glad that you guys are here to come with it where do we go from here i i have no idea the sky's the limit right and the top of the pyramid is the limit uh but yeah next week what we got planned we're going to a swan we're gonna see uh abu symbol we're going to see all these crazy temples all throughout the nile and i think the next time i'll check in i'll be in luxor recording i also need to figure out what i'm gonna do with episode thirty i think i'm just going to do a big review episode but regardless i'm kind of getting ahead of myself here go check out episode twenty eight which was released on the twenty eighth so hopefully that has some significant impact as well a lot of cool stuff in there a lot of cool stuff coming up i'm rambling this is now the longest catchup of clinton we've had hopefully stay in tune also go check out the digital course i have i need to do a better job of promoting this and this is me promoting it go check it out it's on my website traveling to consciousness com it's on the first page guys go it you get sixty day free trial like you can go buy it if in sixty days you learn nothing if you learn absolutely nothing i'll give you your money back this course is basically how i was able to transform my life into doing what i feared finding myself looking at the pyramids giving this broadcast to you guys go check it out it'll i i promise you that it'll change your life it'll at least change the way that you look at your life and give you the tools that you're able to put yourself in the driver's seat you will be able to live your life however you want maybe traveling the world isn't what you want to do with your life which is totally cool but you will know that at the end of that thing you will know okay i'm not you'll know why you're doing what you're doing and you'll know where you want to take your life i i'm handing you the keys to the city you know so go try it out sixty day free trial just do it i can't stress it enough it's so good with that being said thank you for listening hopefully more well i know there's gonna be more great content on the way these pyramids ma'am well with that being said thank you guys for listening thanks you for being a conscious monkey so many great things are coming on the way i'm just overwhelmed with energy so thank you thank you for being here and let's keep growing together