Traveling To Consciousness

Catch Up With Clayton: Getting To And Arriving In Israel, Bathroom Travel Tip, Exploring Jerusalem/City of David, What Is Your Saturn Return?

March 24, 2022 Clayton Cuteri
Traveling To Consciousness
Catch Up With Clayton: Getting To And Arriving In Israel, Bathroom Travel Tip, Exploring Jerusalem/City of David, What Is Your Saturn Return?
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3/16/22 - 3/22/22 

I've got a funny story about my flight to New York and then Tel Aviv. 

Then I give you a travel tip that will help save the plumbing of the country you are traveling to. 

We walk through Jerusalem and what to expect as well as see . I give you life advice regarding why it hurts to be self serving - with an example! 

We also check out the City of David and tell you what to check out if you visit. 

I give you a hint about a first time thing discussed in episode 029. 

And what is you Saturn return? Below are the links that I mention in the podcast, but make sure you listen to know why I included the ones that I did.

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What is up, Conscious monkeys? welcome to another eisode of catch up with Clayton. You guessed it, I'm claying today. We are coming alive from a lot. Israel, um, it's a new one for us, but I love it. It's a beautiful, absolutely beautiful view. It's pretty cool. but how do they get to a lot? Let's start there. Let's talk about this week and review because it's gonna be a juicy one and not getting you guys. I got Rod to help a lot of stuff to give you guys, so so without'll further due, let's just jump into it right. So when I left you guys off last, uh, we, uh, I was still in Pittsburgh, still chilling getting getting ready for this uh adventure. we're about to go on. and of course, like any great adventure starts off with a little bit of a chaos. We get on the flight to go from Pittsburgh to Newark, and we're going to go from New York to Telviv. So we get on the plane. They're talking about bad winds Bad. you know weather that's circling over New York, So're like all right. Whatever we get on the plane. they take off. We get all the way to New York, and they put us in holding pattern. Now this holding pattern lasts for maybe fifteen, twenty twenty each minutes, and then and then the pilot comes on the intercom and it' like well, guys, we're We're going back to Pittsburgh. They can't land us and they're like, Ah, fuck this is. this isn't good. This isn't a good start. And so we go all the way back to Pittsburgh. And there's all this confusion on the plane. If we're just going to stay on and they're gonna refuel, And then they tell us that we need to get off the plane. They tell us to stay on and then they tell us to get off again, so we end up getting off and then they're gonna reboard us, and so you know overall that at this point we're kind of delayed two and a half hours, and so theyc that we're gonna reboard, But there's still people in law, because you know if you missed your flight or you had a hotel or you were meeting somebody, and you need to reschedule. They had a line there and so was online 'cause I didn't know what was going on and I hear a group of girls approached the desk and they're probably about. I don't know five people in front of me something like that And so you know, the agent's like, sorry for the delay and this group of girls are like. Yeah, you know Da Daeda and the agents like. So where's your final destination and the girls like Puerto Rico? And so the agent's like. Okay, so what time is that flight like? Let's see if we can get you into New York to catch that flight and the girl girls. Well, we were goingnna go to New York for two days, drive down to Miam E, and then fly from there to Puerto Rico. And I don't know how this dude kept us great phase 'cause I just started losing it. I, I partially was like, Did I actually just hear that I was like. Was that really what I just heard? Oh, so I got a. I kind of started laughing. Uh, I think it brings a pretty funny awareness into the psyche per se of you know the the human mind right, Like whenever chaos ensues you don't really. You can't just look for other people to help you. You know, you don't really become aware of your surroundings or what's important, maybe or like, what's going on? I, I don't know. I think there's something there for or to be said about somebody. Kinda, oh, what's the word I'm looking for here? Kinda not having their bearings like when everything goes crazy and chaotic like you know. it's okay. like it's just a part of the journey right. It's a part of life that's just helpful stuff for it. Um, I don't know. I thought that was a funny. a've funny way to to start off the trip. and you know we. we. Luckily, Um, our flight wasn't for like another four hours, so luckily, by the time our flight got to new, the actual light landed in New York. We had about forty five. Wait now we had to kind of walk quick. but it's still about it. like a thirty m fifteen minute walk. We got there. We got on the flight we got to T. Aviv. It was all good. met up with my brother. I did notice in the bathrooms, and this is a pretty solid general travel tip for anybody traveling abroad Is is something I noticed in Brazil, and luckily I had my little bit of intuition when I saw it in Telviv. Now, If you're an American listening, you might not have ever experienced this. But if you go into a bathroom and there's a trash can beside the bathroom, what this indicates is that you don't put the toilet paper in the toilet. What this indicates and is a little bit gross. It might be a little bit T. M I, you probably already know where I'm going with this, but when you wipe you throw it in the trash can and you know it is what it is. their plumbing system isn' caught up to speed. And so you know that's essentially what you gotta do. Um, you know you get real intimate with uh, everything down below And so I saw that in Brazil, and I saw it in Telviv and Jerusalem, So you know it's a. That's a helpful travel tip just to keep plumbing safe in other in other countries and just treated as a part of the experience. You know. it's one of those things that you don't realize that you can be grateful for All right. Like who thought you'd be grateful for the ability to put toilet paper down. A, you know, down a toilet. you don't have to look at, you know all that stuff. but let's let's move past it. I just, I think it's a helpful thing to put out there for you guys if you ever find yourself in that situation. So we rive in Tel Aviv. We get a. We get a taxi to Jerusalem. Now this is helpful advice specifically for Israel. I think in general is to make sure that you identify pricing like it's all negotiable like everything's a negotiation. And so if you don't have a bearing of refer for pricing. Uh, then you need to find one quick because we had to bear, because what happened is is we got a Uober, or I guess it's not even an ouber. We ordered a taxi on their specialized app called Gett, and it picks us up and we get in And he tells me and asked me to cancel the ride on the app, which I'm like, All right. You know they probably get a fee from it like I got you whatever, so I canceel it and then he's like Okay, like it'll be five hundred checko for the ride Like that's what we'll do like data de daa, And now what happens is is whenever you're in this situation it becomes a little bit different. Difficult to bargain, because you are now already in the taxi going, so it's like okay, So you just kind of let us off on the side of the road if we disagree on a price, so you gotta kind of keep this in mind whenever you're you know. going into this situation, get the a solidfiyer price beforehand. You know now this wasn't outrageous. We were thinking about getting a bus would have, which would have cost us maybe two hundred checkels, So I mean you know you did overdouble the price. double it over. Double charge us more than double for the price of a bus that we were going to get. But you know you live. you' learn so that's essentially what happens regardless when make it to Jerusalem. It's pretty cold. The wind was blllowing. didn't really plan for it. But then, like during the day, it was super nice, so you know if you're gonna go and travel like kind of wear layers, especially to like. maybe the Middle East in general, 'cause it's a desert environment So you know that's kind of what happens is like its cold at night, hot during the day. So re regardless, uh, we're walking through like kind of the city of Jerusalem, And it's super fascinating because it's very. It seems like a very merchantile economy that is in the city of Jerusalem, where shops are like just set up on the road kind of side by side, and I kind of had this like, very weird like dejavoo, Almosnest, feeling of like, You know, this is probably what it felt like over two thousand years ago. Like, if you look at any, let's say old school video or movie depicting, let's say Jerusalem or Middle Eastern culture, You know, everybody is set up with their shops, just one after another. Like there had to have been. There were easily hundreds and hundreds of shops in like these small confined areas. I was honestly very surprised that, Uh, it that it could function, You know, like that. it was working in general, like that. so many people could set up shops in these areas and sustain you know life as they would. So that was fascinating to me, but this also brings up a very interesting consciousness idea. So what would happen is is that people would want to get your attention to come in your store. check out your stuff and buy your stuff. Now what would occur is like, Oh, excuse me, Excuse me, you know English speaking English. Excuse me, and it gets your attention Because No, not many people are speaking English. They're either speaking Arabic or they're speaking Hebrew as their first language. There were some people you could over here talking in English, but it was maybe ten fifteen percent of people at conversations that you heard. So when you heard excuse me, you were inclined to look. Because that is an English phrase and you could very quickly like the first T. A couple of times. It's like Oh, excuse me like, Are you American? You're like, Oh, yeah, like what's up? Like how do y you know? blah, blah, blah, and you kind of start talking And then it's like very quickly. it's like Oh, let me show you inside my shop. Like check out my shop and you get to this place where Now eventually you stop. Like trying to listen to people. It's like Okay, They're just gonna try to get me in their shop. Like, why should I give them my attention? You know, they're gonna try and get something out of me, So why should I just even listen to what they have to say And you know it's kind of an unfortunate feeling. I found myself like, kind of saddened by it. Because I was like here and I want to connect with people. It's like, Yeah, if we want to talk like, want to hear about your life? I wanna know what it's like to be a merchant, but the caveat becomes that they want to sell you. They want to sell you something, and it's like they want to get something out of the relationship and like a monetary thing out of the relationship. When you know you could also just get a wealth and knowledge from someone. It could help you far more. and this idea then became amplified and actually showed its ugly head. Let's say whenever, on the last day that we were there. Well, I guess the second day, but the last day nonetheless, where it was kind of early in the morning and shops were just starting to open up. My brother and I and my dad were walking down the way And you know this one thing opened up and you hear the excuse me. Excuse me, And my brother was in the lead and so he heard it, but he didn't like a look and so he kinda like looked over out of his design. The guy was like pointing at this table that was still inside his shop, because they would bring these shot, these tables out to put in front of their shop, and you know, display their stuff more on the street. So my brother hears, Excuse me, Excuse me, and you know he's kinda like not paying attention to the guy. He's like trying to look and see what he wants, but not look at the same time, and the guy starts pointing out like his thing, and like my brother's kind of keeps walking and I'm not really sure exactly how it plays out, but my brother finally understands that he's not trying to sell him something, And then he's just purely asking for help. Oh, just berf. So, excuse me, and so my brother helps him being the great guy that he is, He helps him bring the bring the stand of like sunglasses or purses or whatever was out onto the street And you know we helped '. We kept walking. And the first thing my brother said was is, I almost didn't help him because I thought he was trying to sell me something. And you know, this kind of just this like clicked for me for me. This just clicked everything that I laid out before where it's like Okay now because you're in this mindset of trying to sell me. trying to ask for something like. I'm more inclined now when you actually need help or you actually want to connect, or you actually have a question that. I'm just going to ignore you. so I think there's a really powerful. I believe that there's a very powerful life lesson in that story. Uh, furthermore, um, so that's that's that? Uh, if we want transition to a little bit more of a an emotional, I guess thing, let me let me open up for you guys. dod duop. We went to the Western Wall, and for those who don't know the Western Wall is essentially where I believe it's in the uh. Islam quarter of Jerusalem. Jerusalem's divided into four quarters, which is really interesting. It's the Christian quarter, which is like the top left. Uh, if we're Northern orientation, Christian quarters in the top left. Uh, the Islam quarters and the top right are Armenians in the bottom O the bottom left, I believe, and then Islams and the bottom or Jews are in the bottom right. And so it's actually very fascinating to see. Kind of the different. There's like little nuances throughout each quarter of like that. Like kind of brings their culture to life in a sense inside those each individualized quarters, regardless the in the Islam quarter, or excuse me, in the Jewish quarter is the Western wall, which was really fascinating. Like you know. they had like little yamakas that they. You know they wanted you to put on if you were going to go up to the wall, and so I kind of found myself standing before going up to the wall back a little bit, kind of on this like little plat raised platform that was probably about a hundred yards behind the wall, And I just found myself kind of standing there and I started meditating. I just closed my eyes. I started to listen and just absorb all the sounds and feelings that were around me and very quickly just. I, oh be, I'm starting to feel it now, so excuse me if I was starting to tear up a little. Oh, but just that I just felt this over rush of emotion kind of come over me. I started tearing up and crying and I have no idea what it's from. I, you know, we, you could argue was something from a past life. You could argue that just the energy of prayer in that area was overwhelming. You could argue that there was a bunch of quarz uh stones that they used to build the wall in the area, So maybe it was literally just the frequency of the rocks we were standing on. I, I don't know what it was, but I came very overwhelmed with emotion and kind of started to cry, so I wiped my eyes. got myself together and I was like all right time to go up to the wall. Everyone else is pying on it, so you know when in Rome, you know, grabbed my little yamica from the disposable liomical stand that they had. as you walk up. I put it on and yeah, I put my hands against the wall. put my head against the wall, and you know, pray it and it was it was. I guess pray'. an interesting word. It was more meditating, but I guess there's like a very tight similarity between praying and meditated. Can't say for sure, but I'm just putting it out there that that is probably a thing. But again the motions kind of came rushing in and I found myself starting to cry again by just meditating on the wall again. I don't know if it's 'cause everyone else was doing it. You know, just the energy of everyone else around you doing it. It amplifies the emotions. I don't know, but it was. uh. It was powerful moving stuff, so we went back. Um started to walk up again, and and another thing to point out is that there's like divi divider uh, on the walls, so like if you're looking at the wall, there's a divider that's kind of on the ground, but dividing a left and right side. My brother and I had no idea what it was. Our first assumption was is that Uh Jews were on the left, and then uh um Muslims were on the right. Yet That turned to be false because my brother tried to walk down the right side and he was stopped abruptly stopped and they were like What are you doing And he was like, I just want to go up to the wall and they're like this is the female side And that's when everything clicked. It was like, Oh, okay, they're divided left and right for males and females. I'm not really sure. Why didn't do a whole lot of research. Just found that out. We then kind of walked up to Temple Mount. We checked out that area and we only had like ten minutes. because between certain time frames, I think it was like between ten thirty and twelve thirty. It's like Muslim only, and they kick everybody else out. And then I think there's another window from twelve thirty to three thirty, maybe twelve thirty to one thirty. Regardless, there's certain times. So if you're going to visit, definitely make sure unless you're Muslim and you can go whenever you want, but otherwise there's only a certain time frame for non Muslims to physically be on Temple Mount. And yeah, almost got yelled at a couple of times, But you know, didn't want to piss anybody off there. So I made my way to the exit Rone vooed, with Dad and Jared and we checked out another church. Oh, and then we walked. We walked the path yet Jesus. They have it like mapped out the path that Jesus walked with the cross. They have like, uh, like plaques, essentially like at the certain, Like where he, where he got the cro, where he was condemned to death. Where he got the cross. You know where he fell. The people that wiped his face, Um, I think it was Veronica wiped his face where he saw his mom, where he talked to women. where you know. He then eventually like, put his uh cross up and we got to see the Yeah, and so then rape beside where he put his cross up was the church where you know. they prepared his body for you know burial. They then had like the stone that they used to prepare his body and then down underneath. Um. the sorry. Just last my train. I thought. Oh, and then they have like a little sanctuary and guys, this things is beautiful like it was absolutely insane. How beautiful this sanctuary was where essentially he was his final resting place. You know, I'll put that in airquotes 'cause he ascended. I don't want to get into the whole religious aspect of it. I. I was raised C, uh, presbyterian, but I don't you know, fully dive into it. regardless, it was absolutely beautiful and I'm to share all these photos. I'm goingnna put 'em up somewhere on a on a drive, and unfortunately it might not be in these notes, but look down a little bit like. Look at the next few weeks in review, and uh, I'm go to put 'em all up somewhere and try to organize them so people can check out every picture I took and give 'em some captions or something. I don't know. It's a lot, so we'll figure that out. Uh, and then the last thing we did intrusem was check out the City of David, which had these really cool taverns or tunnels. Taverns tunnels had really cool tunnels and we kind of just walked through them. They were like super tight knits, very, very close quartered, Um. I, I really don't know much about it. I be. kinda. you know, they were something to do with the waterways and you know it was just it was just really cool the rock formations that they had there. So you know, go check that out. Definitely requires a lot of steps, so you'll get a good work out in if you go and do that. So Howly recommend that, And then, as we were leaving, we tried to check out the Holocaust museum. Uh, yd, Vsem. However, we only had like a couple of minutes and they needed you needed to get a reservation to check it out and we had a flight to catch to a lot where I'm at now, which actually gets you all caught up on. Yeah, where I'm at and a lot. Um, yeah, but so that's kind of my personal. Let's say week and review with regards to physically what I did. There were a couple of other things here that I did want to mention with regards to podcast in episode twenty nine. We actually have a first. Can you guess what it was? Dramatic pause? We actually opened the door on aliens. How about that pretty cool stuff right? We kind of just touch and go, so don't expect like this whole drawn out conversation about aliens, But there's just like a little touch and go like you know thing about it like it's a section of episode twenty nine, So get ready for that. Um and then I also, well, I'll save that. I have' written here what I wanted to tell you guys, but we'll say that because I'll do a whole episode on what. I, actually, Yeah, that's just go to be a little teaser. The other thing is is that let's see here. What do we have? Oh, what is your Saturn return? So I'll drop these and the man. This is just becoming a long podcast. so I'm kinda, I've got to get drained. I'll be honest with you guys. I haven't talked this long by myself, but let's push through it. Let's make it happen. Saturn return. So any time you hear a planet return, it means that that planet is going back into the same like degrees and location of itself relative to Earth of when you were born, So for instance, your Saturn return occurs roughly twenty eight to thirty years after your birth, So Saturn takes about twenty eight to thirty years to return to the same like degree offset from Earth as it was when you were born, So I had no idea what this meant. I was like, Okay, so that's just what a return means, right. Uh, there's talk about the pluter return that's actually happening for the United States. So Pluta, for instance, which is much further away than Satdn. It takes two hundred and forty six, forty seven years. Something like that, but the point is is that it's returning to the same spot that it was whenever Ert, whenever the United States was born. So like humans, don't have a plut return, 'cause we don't live to be two hundred and forty seven years old unless there is someone out there that does, and I don't know about them. but that's a different conversation. so yeah, so I'll drop a link down below that of A of some links that actually are very interesting. I'll also drop a link for a calendar, a calculator, which will tell you the date of your Pluto return, and we, er, sorry, Saturn return, And we actually have three of these in the lifetime, Assuming that we lived to, I think eighty, eight. So like you have it at twenty eight, you have it at like fifty, eight, or fifty something, fifty six, and then like eighty four. Don't ▁quote me on that, but check out the calculator if you're interested, And then here's one more thing that's actually a very good idea to wrap up on And this is a life thing and I, I'm looking at this through the lens of the Saturn return, but this is something that I believe you should take with you and just about everything spiritual. Everything, with this whole spiritual consciousness realm, this is what I would a lead you with advice is when you're introduced to a new idea such as a Saturn return, there's a lot of different interpretations of it like there's different little nuances and nobody can really give you a clear cut thing that it. it is. So what I suggest is you read articles until you find one that resonates with you. So as an example, I'm going to drop these links below again. But the one on Terret Dot com, like that one super resonated with me like it made sense to me. I was like. Oh shit like this is a. This is it like This is what it means to me. Now there's another one that'm to, which is Horsescope Dot Com. And this was the first one that I found and to me I was like this is massy. This doesn't really make sense. I don't really feel what this guy saying. So the power of this is, I want you to discern on your own. read both of them yourself and let me know be like. hey, yeah, the horsescope One resonates with me, the terror one. I'm throwing that in the trash, so you know, Take off for what it is. Take of what it is. There's satury. returns. Definitely going to happen, no matter what you think, but it just comes down to what it means for you who this might be the longest. Uh, catch up with Clayton, we've had, and quite frankly I think they're going to be roughly this long because we've got big stuff common. Uh, I am recording this on March twenty second. It's a Tuesday. I know I usually is on Wednesday, but tomorrow we're going to Petra, and I don't really know if I'm going to be able to record at night, so I'm getting it all out of the way right now. So, with that being said, thank you, love you, guys. and next time we tune in, I will have petr for you and we'll be coming from Geza. So get ready for that, but with that being subconscious monkeys, I love you and let's continue to grow together.