Traveling To Consciousness

Catch Up With Clayton: Practice Letting Go This Week, Israel/Jordan/Egypt Trip Starts, Is Technology Replacing Our Universal Laws?, Writing A Book

March 17, 2022 Clayton Cuteri
Traveling To Consciousness
Catch Up With Clayton: Practice Letting Go This Week, Israel/Jordan/Egypt Trip Starts, Is Technology Replacing Our Universal Laws?, Writing A Book
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3/9/22 - 3/16/22

In this episode, I discuss the power of letting go of things and them instantly manifesting after letting go of the need for them.

I lay out my itinerary for my trip to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.

We then discuss if technology is our goal to replace human intuition and the universal laws like karma. Then I tell you how I plan to turn this into my first book!

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what is up conscious monkeys today is march sixteenth but you know i'm sure you're listening to this at least after march seventeenth uh what's up how do everyone have a good week i hope so it's been an interesting week i uh i don't have this written down but i noticed that over the past week like there were so many instances where just like letting go was so powerful things like you know if i'm looking for a mask or if i'm looking for keys or if what was another example i'm looking for a certain ingredient that i need to put in a food but it just wasn't appearing and it was like you know you find yourself in this place of almost frustration when you're like i needed i need it where is it i know this is where i put it i know where this is where it was in just that instant of letting go and just being like all right well it must not just be for me right now or i just don't need it right now was huge it was so powerful and the things were just appearing right after i was letting them go so i don't know if that's anything that you've noticed in your last week but it's something that i noticed very very strong where you know it's just like you don't need it right now it's not meant for you at this moment you're you know you're gonna feel like you're pushing against the grain if you keep searching for this item so see if that happens over the past week or even this next week coming up where you know you feel like you need something and that it it's something that you have to have just like go you know um yeah so that was something that i noticed over the past week i'm not sure anyone else did uh yeah but speaking of letting go this is actually a really terrible transition but i am going to egypt on saturday so the next time that you hear my voice and the recording comes through i will be recording from i'll actually be recording from israel that's the first stop on the ticket is we're going to israel um that's the first stop in the itineraries go to israel hang out in jerusalem for a bit and then so i'll probably be recording in jerusalem that's interesting who so what we got re re recordings we'll have recordings now in three different countries we had brazil we have america and then yeah so we're really nailing that traveling aspect of it hell yeah just for you guys right um so that'll unfold as the week progresses i'll lay out the quick itinerary which is we are going from to land in tel aviv we're gonna to drive to jerusalem we will then go from jerusalem back to tel aviv tel aviv down to a lot a lot into jordan to see the temple of petra will then go from petra back to a lot and i'm realizing right now this might not be good radio but then we go for it but yeah let's power through it then going from a lot up to back to telev flying to cairo we have a layover in athens so you know cross off another i guess country although i have been to greece before regardless um were they then in cairo for a week then gonna go down to is it luxor no a swan take a cruise from a swan up to luxor chill and luxor for a few days go back to cairo for a few days and then head back to pittsburgh so it's wild i know there's a lot ill definitely have to excuse me i'll definitely be keeping you guys up to date with it as we're unfolding it and i'll give you all the juicy updates of what's happening what i'm experiencing i actually just had a dream last night that was telling me that i was basically saying hey like you're gonna get so many downloads spiritual downloads let's call them as you're you know going on this trip so yeah that's something that i'm actually really really excited for and i found it fascinating that um it actually came through me in a dream last night i guess it's just divine timing the fine timing to relay that information to you guys divine timing for me to experience it myself yeah and so the next note i actually have here is episode twenty eight which is the last one actually someone recommended that i brought back on someone from earlier in the podcast so i decided to reach out to them they were so kind to come back on and so i just wanted to take a moment to say hey like if there was someone that you loved on the episode like we had an episode and you were like damn that was sick i didn't want it to end let me know i'll bring them back on i think this is the time to do it this is the time before you know all this explodes and we get so many people listening and so many people wanting to come on the podcast i don't have time to listen to you guys but i don't know maybe that's an excuse yeah that feels like an excuse i'm always going to be listening to you guys just let me know who you want i got you i'll take care of it but speaking of episode twenty eight something that comes up in it is from the netflix we talk about the netflix episode called nose dive and in this netflix episode i i'll prevent any spoilers but the core concept is that we've implemented a social credit system and basically what this is is like you know we all get rated on a scale of one to five and every interaction you have with anybody in the entire world gets rated on the scale of one to five and i just find it so fascinating it's like really interesting it's it's almost like a credit score but oh yeah i guess it's called social credit system but it's just for like social interactions like you know it's way for people to be like are you a good person and scary enough this is something that has actually been implemented in china starting in twenty fourteen where they actually have people watching other people to influence their credit score and so i find it you know people would say this is nineteen eighty four which you know fair enough and i actually disclosed that i have yet to read nineteen eighty four though i do know all the core concepts which i don't know makes me feel a little little bit of a fraud but i have downloaded it it's on the next to listen to i actually think i'm gonna probably start listening to it today we'll see regardless i want to get into like the metaphysical aspect of it the metaphysical aspect in my mind is it's humans trying to play god like we're trying to demystify karma it's like i believe our bid for control with karma it's us trying to say like we want to find a way to quantized quantized quantized karma we want to be able to like see it instantaneously which i find so interesting because this is something that i've seen with technology throughout like this is the epa ep emergent epm i don't know i'm trying to sound smart i see this as the like our intuition our social structures i saw this with like chip in plants i remember you know they're like we're gonna all these chip in plant blah blah blah and i thought to myself i'll never get a chip in plant and then i caught myself and i was like well maybe i would get a chip and plant if it told me like how many calories i needed to eat throughout the day or how many more carbs i need to eat or how many more grams of protein to get my optimal health and i realized oh shit like that's where my line was and then it came to a realization that we could just rely on our intuition for what we should be putting into our body and so yeah so this sent me down a whole rabbit hole thinking about the idea that we're trying to use technology to replace intuition and the universal laws that govern this universe like the law of karma like you know for instance let's take it to an extreme things like hitler or things like jeffrey epstein the dude who was terrible guy sexually assaulted hundreds of young girls terrible i believe and there's evidence of this if you read stuff like michael noons books like journey of souls and just any book that revolves around how there's a the way the afterlife works through hypnosis you know i'm not going to get too in depth with it about it but essentially what i believe is is that someone like jeffrey epstein you know he's gonna that when he died you know his soul started transforming into you know the after life and they were like dude like you know he probably looked back on his life and he was like i up he probably was like holy shit like what did i do kind of thing now what's gonna happen is is that i believe his soul now needs to learn what it means to essentially be a rape victim and so there's going to be an incarnation of his soul that needs to go through the process of experiencing that trauma for himself as a young girl i'm sure that something that you know is really fascinating well i'm sure that's something will happen and so for anybody who thinks that he got out easy by just killing himself with regards to this whole thing i don't believe that's really the case i believe that well i guess there's also a conversation of whether or not he actually killed himself but we can get back to that at another point i'm all for that conspiracy you know i guess he didn't but yeah so i probably really shouldn't be saying that he did regardless getting off topic he definitely did not kill himself regardless i would get into off topic the whole point is is that there's a universal law of karma like whatever you want to believe in i just know that that's a thing so i started going down this whole rabbit hole of technology replacing our intuition the universal laws of the universe and i was like oh shit like this is something that really energizes me and i find interesting so i think that this is actually going to be a whole book and so i was like fuck like this is gonna be my first book so i have no plans for this i have no date literally this thought just came to me yesterday i've never written a book before i've never thought about it i i lied i have thought about it i actually have written down that i wanna write a best selling book this is me calling my shot and i've written that down in my journal before but this is it i i think this is the book idea so the core concept of the book is that we're trying to create and use technology to create a third density representation of universal laws like intuition and karma and i think that this has a propensity for error because we are imperfect humans are imperfect and really this the universal system i don't know if it's per i mean it's i guess it's as perfect as it can be and this comes back to how do you define perfection and imperfection and that's a whole topic that i will be covering in the book so yes so i guess this is my announcement that i have plans now write a book i have the idea it came to me yeah so i don't know when i'm gonna write it i don't know how i'm gonna write it i'm gonna leave all that to the intuition of the universe but this is me i guess partially calling my shot but also telling the universe hey i'm ready let's write this book let me know what i need to do how i need to do it and i'm here to listen i'll be your medium for putting this information out into the world yeah that's cool to say alright guys well aspiring best selling offer k kerry signing off for this podcast um that's cool uh so yeah other than that i hope you guys have a great week the next episode maybe i should make a note that the next episode of episode twenty seven is a difficult one be very conscious of your energy whenever you listen to it it's uh we go to a dark place with it for better or worse we go to a dark place so i would say good you know check check your energy when you're listening to it it'll it can be very triggering and i understand that there was a lot there's a lot of energy in it um so with that being said be careful i guess when you're listening to episode twenty seven and i love you guys i appreciate you thank you for being listeners and other than that yeah have a great week let's keep growing together ability or grasp for humans wanting to use technology to replace