Traveling To Consciousness

Catch Up With Clayton: First Hostel Experience, Helping People, Preparing For A Healing Session

March 10, 2022 Clayton Cuteri
Traveling To Consciousness
Catch Up With Clayton: First Hostel Experience, Helping People, Preparing For A Healing Session
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3/2/22 - 3/9/22

This week was a cool one!

I had my first hostel experience.

I have been receiving many opportunities to help people.

Let's talk wealth consciousness with regards to Emps and Crypto?

And what it's like to prepare for a healing session.

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What is up, Conscious monkeys? Welcome to another percent of catch up with Clayton. Um. your host. Clayton, today is March ninth and we had an interesting week. in the past. I went to San Diego. caught up with some friends. Got my first hostile experience. Uh, and yeah, a lot of preparing for stuff. and so let's just dive right into it. So the first thing to look up was like a hot, first hostile experience. It was really cool. Um, well, it was interesting. It was a very cool kind of setu. It was right on the beach and it really reminded me of, kind of like college living like you're in the dorms. You know, you kind of have like a common space. You could share it with people. And so it was pretty. It was pretty interesting in kind of those regards. But the one thing that's really sticking out in my head and something bad, I mean, it definitely echo for everyone else to kind of check out is to make sure you're in tuned with the reviews before you go to a hostel. Because what I realized and when I've come to realize is that there's probably some different types of hostels, So for instance, this hostel is kind of like more of a party, hostiel, So like they were playing music, Tiil, like two a M. So I did not get a lot of sleep that night. I met some pretty cool people. So from Denver. so shaot out to you guys. If you're listening, we had some pretty cool conversation about consciousness and the reality and fabric of universe and all that fun stuff. So hopefully they're listening in. Shut out to them if they are, But overall it was uh, It was cool. It was a cool experience. Didn't get much sleep. but you know we made up for it by going to Cs. And partying all weekend, and you know, realizing that it's interesting getting to that point where people are doing a bunch of other things, And so I think the parties are starting to die out. People aren't going out as much and stuff as you get older. But maybe that's something that if you still are partying. Hey, first of all, I' power to you if you're still doing it. Uh, but just appreciate it, you know, 'cause not all that stuff lasts forever and we used to have, like you know, a group of twenty plus people going to these things And now last weekend it was probably like five to ten. I think that's also a consequence, though is they're doing a lot more uh, party d, j festival things in San Diego. since like all these bands have been lifted and so they're probably kind of over saturating in the market. regardless, Um, that's kinda what. I've my quick, uh, interpretation of it still hardly recommend cross fast to anybody if you're looking to go. And you know what would it be the fall? but yeah, so super cool. Something I have also been noticing recently, Uh, which I'm not sure if many people have experienced something like this. And it has to do with has to do with, like, I guess doing good things. And it seems like recently I've had a lot more opportunities to help people in small ways, or like just throughout the day. And you know what's coming to mind Is there was just like you know, I found a phone and you know, taking it to. Um, What's it called? like the people in the hostel saying Hey, I found this phone. You know it was actually in Portuguese, too, so I was like. Oh, it looks like a Brazilian person probably left this, um, or just helping people carry things or helping somebody if they drop something like. So I'm curious if anyone else has kind of experienced it that way, Like as you're on this spiritual journey, Like as you do good things. Does this universe kind of give you more opportunities to do good things to me? That kind of seems like or feels like a truth. It feels true to me that as you do good things and help people, the univers is like, Hey, let's give you more stuff to help people with, Like you can do that you're managing it. You're doing it well. So I found that really fascinating. And Speaking of helping people and doing good things, there's something I wantnna, kind of spread about wealth consciousness, and this is an idea that I considered not even mentioning, because it comes in the negative. If Fe, it, it can cultivate fear, and it's something I don't want to perpetuate, but it, it came out frequently and I think it's something to at least touch on is I and I don't know if this's something that's happening in the mainstream that they're broadcasting this or somebody said this, But I had two different friends. One person messaged me on anteagram and then another person brought it up in person, and it's the idea relating to like. If an e M p goes off and the power grid goes down, it would take crypto with it now. First of all, I think it's a craziest. I guess it's not crazy right. It's not a crazy idea that somebody would try to completely decimate crypto because of wanting their own financial goals or means or whatever. But to me we have a lot bigger issues. If a e m p goes off, and you know it it, they take down the whole power gride. Cur is the last thing we need to worry about, but I don't want, and I guess the reason I'm bringing this up is to, just as I talk about it, avoid visualizing a future with that with something like that occurring, because if that happened then we would be in all. we might get reverted back to the stone age. I really don't know. everything's become so technologically based. I guess you won't be listening to this podcast anymore. Uh, but just stay positive. I mean about these things. I guess I'm bringing it up because it was something that a lot of people brought up to me in this past weekend, and so I found it fascinating that two people who never really don't even know each other brought up the same issue. So to me, I mean, you know what is it? Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, prepare for the worst hope for the best. So at the end of the day I, I mean, look, we're all go to be good like everything's going to work out. Everything's happening as it needs to happen, so we will be good. Either way, I mean, if the whole power group grows down, there's bigger issues than cryptos. so I, so I really found it interesting how both of these people brought it up with regards to crypto and bitcoin. It was like Well, what happens to Criryppoth and U n P goes off. And it's like there's bigger issues that play here than crypto. if the whole power g goes down, So all I'm going to say on that is just focus on the positive. You know the we're we're creating our own reality. So if the world consciousness gets fixated on that, then that's what's going to occur. and quite frankly, I think that's probably something that happened with Russia. Is it's like the news will just perpetuate these negative ideas. War with Russia. Maybe an n m P blast, destroying Crypto. And what they do is is. If that, if you sink that into enough subconscious minds is enough programming is that it will carry it out on a mass of scale, So conscious monkeys, what I am proposing that you do is spread love like spread. I guess I don't really know what to say, but at least try to bring people out of fear 'cause. fear is what is, is a' a powerful motivator and it clearly still has a very strong grasp on humanity, so I'm not really sure what the answer is. I guess meditate see ways in which you can heal yourself. It heals the world kind of thing, And that actually might be a good segment that I'm preparing for a healing session. Um, or have been here preparing for healing session with Uh, hypnotherapy, which is actually with the doctor who was releasing on Monday. So and the session is actually tomorrow, But what I want to actually discuss has been this week coming up to it. So it decided last week that we were going to do this. You set an intention with me. It's like unworthiness and kind of self doubt are like the two main catalysts Now Whenever you're doing a new healing practice for the first time, I experienced this with plant medicine, and I'm experiencing it now with hy, hypnotherapy. You set that intention and then the world around you. It starts to bubble up all of that shit all the times you felt unworthy, All the little triggers that you had in your life, so things get a little chaotic, a little messy, a little turbulent. And so that's kind of something I've been experiencing over the last week. Weekend Was these incarnations of maybe some things in my past of where I've been left out, or you know, judgment has been casted. Whatever it was that programmed me to feel unworthy and it's like one of those things where you identify like an issue in the matrix. Almost it then like wants to fight back and it's like no, no, no, no, no, no, you're You're goingnna keep feeling unworthy Like it. It fights you. It's like you're trying to fight against the programming And so it's like you identified a virus, but then the virus is like. Well, I'm going to fight harder to stay in your computer now that you've identified it, but I think that means you're you know. it's It's one of those things where its the darkest before the dawn. So in my opinion, it means that I'm fucking close and next week hopefully we've got it at least identified and somewhat healed. Pro. Hopefully, I, who knows. I mean I, I never try to put time lines on these things. In my opinion, you can heal instantly right. Like what is preventing you from waking up tomorrow morning as a completely new person? I know that time has an effect of some sort, but I'm still trying to figure that out. Man. It's weird to me. I feel like you could just shift into any reality you want, But you know maybe there's got to be some constraints on it for I don't know. Just say you're not just constantly shifting and feeling chaotic and completely lost, Because if you were able to shift into any reality at any moment you know, think of the extreme and maybe that's that's a good way to do it. That's something I used to do is think of things in the extreme right. So if if we think of it in the extreme right, one way is that nothing ever changes and you're exactly the way you are every single day every single second. But even in that reality you'd be like a a moss or something right. You wouldn't even be able to get out of bed because you would be constantly needing to stay put like there would be no need for change. So that's the extreme right. But then I guess that's no change. But then if things were changing, it's such a drastic scale. Every moment or instant, it would be impossible almost to get things done. Because what if right like I'm sitting here recording this podcast talking into this microphone. Well say, in my mind, it pops in my head that I want to be into Egypt, writing the back of a camel, which I'm actually gonna be doing pretty soon, but I, if that's where my mind just shifted right there, I'm no longer able to press record. This is never go to get uploaded like it will just never get uploaded and people will never hear it, because I'm in Egypt now I'm no longer recording like it would just be so instantaneous that you just keep shifting and shifting and shifting and it'd be way too chaos. And so yeah, I guess that's interesting. So maybe that's the purpose of the illusion of time is to make sure that you're truly aligned with what it is that you want. Excuse me to make sure that you are able to you know, stay true to it, and I'm sure there's a whole bunch of other stuff with like the process and yaya yada. I think I'm kind of hitting the extent of what I wanted to talk about. Hopefully that helps somebody. Hopefully you guys, you knowviveed, with that in some way, shape or for other than that you know, like share, subscribe, leave a review. but above all else, I learn if you're learning. If I said one thing in this in this, what do we add here? thirteen minute ramble and it just let you on fire. and you're like That's exactly what I need to hear. Then hell, yeah, hell yeah, that's the whole point of all of this So conscious mokey. I thank you. Oh yeah, forgot to mention this, But the, the, the graphics on the Conscious Monkey graphic is completed. It's official. It's officially official done completed. Yes, I'm gonna get those on t shirts. Let me know if there's something you wanted on, but I'm going to get on thir for sure. and yeah, I'm excited. I gotta spread that around. but a couple of other things need to be done before that. Let's see how quickly I can get that turnound going. Hopefully, it's before the end of the month. just got a lot of stuff in the pipes. regardless, I am now just rambling, but maybe it' like that I don't know. Oh, Al right, come tune in next week. Uh, we got Doctor Ann. Uh, who's going to be diving into me and changing me? We talk about like souls and journey of souls and stuff. So if you're ready for a way out their conversation, some people will be ready for it. I, others, maybe not. if any of it resonates with you, Take it. if it doesn't you know. Well, just leave it. It's not for you, I guess, but, other than that, I appreciate you, conscious monkeys. thank you. thank you. Thank you for give. lending me your ear for fourteen minutes and I appreciate you guys and thank you. Let's go together.