Traveling To Consciousness

Catch Up With Clayton: Traveling to San Diego, Who Is Jimmy Darts, Journey of Souls Book Review, Russia Ukraine War, and Is Peace On Earth Possible?

March 03, 2022 Clayton Cuteri
Traveling To Consciousness
Catch Up With Clayton: Traveling to San Diego, Who Is Jimmy Darts, Journey of Souls Book Review, Russia Ukraine War, and Is Peace On Earth Possible?
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2/24/22 - 3/2/22

As this releases, I will be on my way to San Diego!

Go check out Jimmy Darts on Tik Tok. Note: you may cry. Here is his link:

Journey of Souls Book Review. This book is wild! Be ready to experience the idea of death in a whole new light. You can find the book here:

With the knowledge gained in Journey of Souls, I question whether or not peace on Earth is possible. We should strive for it, but is the ultimate purpose peace? Is war, like the Russia Ukraine War always going to occur on Earth?

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what is a conscious monkeys today is march second and we're in march how crazy is that i guess you're listening to this on march third but i'm recording this on march second quick disclaimer asked rik but it's crazy right we're in march already which is my birthday month for those who don't know so shout out my birthday month shout out all march birthdays but i just find that crazy right like they didn't feel like we just kind of started all this i don't know maybe it's a good thing maybe it's a bad thing but times an illusion anyhow so what do we know weekend review um i'm getting i guess this isn't a weekend review but this weekend is cross fest in san diego so i will be heading out that away so shout out all my san diego listeners maybe we'll meet up at cross i have something interesting planned forecast with related to this podcast so we'll see if i can pull it off you'll have to tune into next week to figure out what that is and what happened because i don't know i guess they're just leaving you with a little little teaser see if you guys wanna you know be ready for the next thing i don't know regardless that's in the future we're talking about the past we're talking about the last week came across actually i've seen it before this tick talk account but i just personally man every time it's incredible it goes by the name of jimmy darts not sure if anyone's heard of him i seen it but it's incredible he literally just he like has people who comment on his videos give prompts and the prompts are usually along the lines of give five hundred dollars to somebody who does blank and it's always like a fun thing it's like give five hundred dollars to the first person that sings with you give five hundred dollars to someone who's willing to buy you a toy because you don't have the money to buy it you know like all these like caring and giving kind of things and man like i don't want to give away too much but it is very heart wrenching if you watch enough of them you'll be like holy shit like it's uh it's something else i've definitely cried a couple times watching those videos it takes you to a very real and very compassionate place so i just he's got far more followers than i do but i just wanted to give him a quick shout out because he's doing amazing work and i'm you know it's something that definitely gets your soul energized um speaking of spot souls and the book that i've been reading this past week is journey of souls and is one that's kind of out there but it's super fascinating i'm bringing it up because it's also mentioned in the latest episode that i recorded but it's going to be episode twenty six so it won't be out for a little bit but i just wanted to you know it was like a little teaser and the book is about uh this psycho psych h hypnotherapist uh goes by the name doctor michael newton and doctor newton he has like thousands of patients who he's done this with and what he does is he does like a hypnosis where he will drop people into a deep trance he will then kind of take them back into one of their past lives and re kind of enact their death and on doing so it like shows the transformation of thele coming up out of the body and they explain explain it the same way that you know people who have come back from the dead you know people who are legally dead or medically dead i guess that's not legally but people who are pronounced medically dead and come back they explain the same thing right so there's one connection where you get like this pulling sensation towards a light and you come back and it kind of goes into this like realm of like what happens to your soul in between lives so i guess the first premise is to understand that i guess you have multiple lives or that your soul gets reincarnated multiple times and that's a thing the next level is is this whole book is all about the structure of what happens to your soul in between incarnations on earth which that's such a crazy thing for me to even just be saying out loud but if you're kinda flabbergasted about it i say check it out the core thing i see is is that he's been able to replicate a very similar story and pattern from thousands of people so i believe that gives a credence and then the other aspect is what i mentioned earlier which is where people who have medically been pronounced dead and come back to life where they have explained the same feeling the same sitting around your body as you're about to die and then getting pulled into the light as you die so to me i i i don't see any holes in it i don't you know as much as i love being a skeptic and looking for holes i don't see them now what is interesting about this and what it really brings up is the question in my mind of is peace on earth possible now as i discussed this i believe it is something we should achieve for something we're always going to be striving for but maybe that's the thing is that we're always going to be striving for it and i believe we should always strive for it but what this book kind of uncovers is that the polarity on earth is so strong like it's one of the strongest if not the strongest and most polarized places in the universe so first of all pat yourself on the back for selecting earth and deciding to come here because it's something that is extremely difficult i mean you look no further than this whole russian ukraine situation like this is a weird and very emotionally turbulent place to live and that's the point like your your soul picked this very difficult spot because it wanted to experience this polarity the polarity energy of love versus hate i mean hot versus cold all of it it chose here because it was difficult but that kind of leads to my next point is that the soul realm sees kind of earth as this training ground where it is such a difficult and polarizing place to live so then that got me thinking is that you know is peace on earth actually possible like like we like in another form of polarizing right is scarcity versus abundance and a reason that you start war is because you fall into the scarcity mentality and you think there's a lack of something in your country you think you don't have enough think another country is something that you don't have or you want more land right so war becomes cultivated from the scarcity mentality so in order for war to stop and for there to be peace we would have to bring everybody to an abundance mentality but if everybody's in an abundance mentality earth no longer becomes a training ground because everybody is aligned with that feeling of love and what this book sounds like or at least what i've heard from other people is that once you become aligned with that feeling of abundance and love and you're able to sit in it for i don't know however long you need to sit in it you kind of transcend to earth like you your soul becomes like a higher level soul so i don't know that's might be a lot for people to take in it's a lot for me to take in which is really i don't know i don't really know where to go with that i mean in my mind it's like i want peace on earth right i think that's a very noble thing for anyone that wants to want right any noble thing for anyone that wants to want that didn't really make sense but i think i get i think you guys get what i'm saying right so i don't know i i i mean if first of all if that conversation's over your head go check out journey of souls by dr michael newton i still need to finish it up maybe he'll talk about it at the end of this book about peace on earth but i don't know i'm a like it's such a weird feeling right we should be pursuing something that might not that might not even ever be possible like even that idea is uh that's a weird one i'll let you sit with that for a bit other than that thanks for listening guys thanks for being here i really appreciate everyone who listens and checks in and you know i'm enjoying this ride and so we let's just keep it going with that being said conscious monkeys thank you i love you let's keep moving forward i'm grateful that you guys are here and listening to me and yeah check out any links in the bottom i do have a course out i don't really promote it much but i think i i think i need to start like i love this course like it's it's sick um i'm also looking for feedback if you guys want to give me feedback on it we can update it but it also gets like coupled with you know getting a one uh what is it like one time a week i'll like talk to people about it see if they have any questions um yeah but so you can find that in the description below if you're interested it's like how how to find your life purpose and it's really about kind of finding that center of polarity that we talked about it's like how can you kind of come to this place of always you know choosing love or being able to understand the patterns of your life to get you where you are today i think it's incredible but you know i want to hear what you guys have to say you know i've gotten enough feedback from a couple people and it's sounds like it's cool with that being said go check it out description below i love you guys and even if you don't check out the course i'm still down here to give you content and let's keep growing together